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I am a full-time professional realtor. I take pride in providing personal attention to all my client's desires and needs. I guarantee my clients outstanding service, integrity and knowledge for your real estate needs. I emphasize to my clients that I use zero pressure towards buying and selling a home. At same time, I will make my clients aware of important items and issues that they should give consideration to before making their decision. Finally, my goal is to have buyers and sellers totally happy and pleased with their real estate experience. 


Within this website there is a wide variety of useful information and resources designed to help you buy or sell a home more effectively in the Austin and surrounding areas. From information about the local community, to advice about finding a mortgage or preparing your home to sell, it's all available here on my web site.

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Tip 1.  Sell Before You Buy

Put your house on the market first and have a contract on the home prior to signing a contract to purchase a new home.  This is safer than buying prior to selling your current home.  If you buy first, there is a strong possibility you will have 2 mortgage payments for a period of time.  Prior and while your current home is on the market, look for a new home and become familiar with other neighborhoods.  Goal here is to have 1-3 homes that you would be willing to purchase contingent on your current home closing.  Another goal is to make 1 move: moving from your current home to your new home.  There are several techniques available that can make this feasible, but not always possible.  Most buyers prefer to look for a house than selling a house.  If you desperately need to sell your home, you probably will lower the price, and make other concessions.  You may lose thousands of dollars if you allow yourself into this situation.  Worst case scenario, you probably would be renting for 1 or 2 months.  Finally, there is another way to accomplish a dual transaction, buy/lease and then sell.  Please contact me for details on how to buy/sell and reduce your stress.  

Tip 2.  Professional Continuity 

Using the same real estate professionals will tend to work to your advantage.  This will create greater continuity, understanding of your needs, more knowledgeable of the situation and make the process run more smoothly.  

Tip 3.  Contract Contingencies

When you enter a contract to buy a home, include a contingency that is based on the sale of your current home.  This will prevent you from having 2 mortgage payments.  The seller will look at this offer as being less favorable if you do not have a solid contract on your current home.  If you have a solid contract on your current home, the seller will probably look at your offer favorably providing all other terms are acceptable.

Tip 4.  Timing 

Timing is probably the most important element for the above process, but the most difficult to control.  Your realtor should check into the feasibility of a single move.  Remember, there are techniques your realtor can employ to make a single move feasible when doing dual transactions.

Tip 5.  Closing

Schedule the sale of home first because you may need the funds from the sale of old home to purchase your new home.  There is a strong possible both closings will not be done with the same title company.  If all parties would agree to one title company this would tend to make the closing of both transactions work more smoothly.  Remember in real estate transactions, the signing of closing papers does not mean ownership has transferred.  Ownership normally transfers when the transaction has been funded.